Friday, January 11, 2008

Mighty introverts working together

Short post this week: I've been busy doing some posting and social media stuff with my other blog. In fact, a fellow introvert and I have worked together this week to promote some stories to the front page of Sphinn. Introverts? Promotion? Who thought?

I want to thank SpostareDuro for helping me promote a blog post or two this week. I also want to thank Shana Albert for being a great interview subject and helping with the promotion. I don't think she's an introvert, but who cares? She wrote great answers to the questions that I wrote.

Introverts, we can do mighty things separately, but we can do even more when we work together.

Think about it while you enjoy your weekend. Cheers!


TheNanny612 said...

Working with you this week was totally my pleasure. And, thank you for allowing me to write that silly post about you
Catching my Brainwaves It was a ton of fun. I can't believe that my post went Hot.... it was just a weird post to get people to read YOUR interview. But, whatever.... people love weird!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Shana Albert (TheNanny612)

SpostareDuro said...

I absolutely adore your friendship and your blog Mark.
I am thanking YOU.

Mark Dykeman said...

@Shana - no problem, it was fun

@SpostareDuro - you are a Mighty Introvert. You need to write an article for this blog.

SpostareDuro said...

I'd be honored Mark.
Thanks for asking. *>)