Thursday, December 13, 2007 talks about introversion and on-line social networking

Looks like more people are talking about the benefits of on-line social networking for introverts, just like I've been talking about here at The Mighty Introvert.

Please have a look at this article from The Monster Blog. They talk a bit about the advantages that on-line social network tools can provide to the introvert.

Their article references a article which describes how today's technologies are helping introverts get better at networking.

Looks like we're getting a bit of attention, introverts!

Maybe yesterday's article about using social bookmarking to become a social media powerhouse is both timely and relevant!


Davidlind said...

Well it's about time! But I don't want any special treatment or legislation. In theory however anyone running for office who was an introvert (lol) and could gather the introvert vote would do very well.

Mark Dykeman said...